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Wed Aug 23 15:14:53 BST 2006

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On 8/23/06, Robin Berjon <robin.berjon at expway.fr> wrote:
> On Aug 23, 2006, at 12:40, Peter Corlett wrote:
> > Unlike the rest of the cretin developers at Microsoft, their Mac
> > developers actually appear to posess Clue. So if you find you do
> > actually need to do anything more with Word documents than just
> > read those that have been emailed to you, it might be worth buying
> > or otherwise acquiring a copy.
> Beg to differ. Mac Office is, IME, slower, clunkier, uglier, and much
> harder to use than the Windows counterpart. I already hated the
> latter, using the former is torture.
> > I prefer writing documentation in LaTeX using Aquamacs Emacs, but
> > I'm perverse like that.
> Yeah, I just write some XML and have it generate HTML, but I'm
> perverse too.
> I haven't used Pages much, but I find Keynote to be quite fine and
> much smoother to use than PPT. There are rumours of the next iWorks
> having some an Excel replacement of some form, might be worth waiting
> for the Apple event thingie before making up your mind.
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