Is it just me?

Sue Spence virtualsue at
Fri Aug 25 15:25:58 BST 2006

Andy Armstrong wrote:
> Or is 'Christian' a bit mental as a qualification?
> I would have hoped that religious discrimination against potential 
> employees was at least frowned upon - if not actually illegal - in most 
> countries.
> (Obviously if you're applying to be pope or something it might be 
> different...)

I believe I saw that particular wingnut wibbling on the Perl Monks 
chatterbox the other day.  He's a conspiracy nut with some very (IMO) 
stupid personal beliefs and I found it easy to just ignore him.

If you don't want to see job postings like that on you 
could try using the link at the bottom of the page: "Comments to Ask 
Bjørn Hansen at ask at". But it's really better if we all use our 
best judgment rather than asking the nice people who run the site to 
start vetting all the postings. There are good jobs listed there by 
honest people.

You could also just write directly to the guy and tell him how you feel, 
but I suspect that would end up being valuable time you would spend and, 
like, never get back.

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