[londonperl] Re: Dashboard (was: [OT] Mac Office Software)

Robin Berjon robin.berjon at expway.fr
Wed Aug 30 03:04:04 BST 2006

On Aug 29, 2006, at 21:21, Peter Corlett wrote:
> It's most definitely inspired by the WIndows alt-tab, but it  
> switches between *applications* rather than windows. You need to  
> separately switch between windows once an application is selected.
> I think I sort of like it, but it *is* different to Windows and it  
> takes a short while to get used to it.

It does take a little while to get used to, but once you've figured  
out that there's also a Cmd-< (or possibly whatever key is just right  
to your left Shift key on you layout) that switches between windows  
of the same application, it actually turns out to be much better IMHO  
than the Windows counterpart. It took me a little while (especially  
since in older OSXs it wasn't there and you needed that dreadful Dock  
thing or a for-pay extension), but nowadays I'm lost whenever I use a  
windows manager that doesn't have the App > Window > Tab hierarchy. I  
just wish Mail were tabbed, that the iApps weren't so poorly done,  
and that the Finder were reviewed by any random usability expert or  
even just someone with half a brain drowned in pure alcohol. But  
despite that it still beats anything else I've used so far.

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