[londonperl] Re: Dashboard

Daryl Field djf at pipex.net
Wed Aug 30 09:16:28 BST 2006

I believe Alt-Comma switches between windows of the same application.

Peter Corlett wrote:
> On 29 Aug 2006, at 18:32, David Alban wrote:
>> Doesn't command-tab in os x do the same thing as alt-tab in windows?
>> (Or "apple"-tab, or "funny-symbol"-tab...)  Seems to work for me on my
>> macbook pro (is there such thing as a U.S. keyboard on a macbook
>> pro?).
> It's most definitely inspired by the WIndows alt-tab, but it switches 
> between *applications* rather than windows. You need to separately 
> switch between windows once an application is selected.
> I think I sort of like it, but it *is* different to Windows and it takes 
> a short while to get used to it.
>> For those wondering about exposé, it's delightful.  I wish my linux
>> boxes had it.  See also:
> Exposé is useful enough, but I'd rather have had virtual desktops. 
> VirtueDesktops is the best desktop manager I've found so far, although 
> there are still some annoying misfeatures. Supposedly the next OSX 
> release has native virtual desktops, and they might finally work properly.
> I've got a bridge for sale, too.
> (But I like my Macs regardless.)

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