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At 23:40 +0100 7/9/06, Andy Armstrong wrote:
>Bookmooch[1]: It's a free book exchange service 
>- you get points for giving books and spend 
>those points on books you'd like. The cost to 
>you is whatever it costs to post a book. You 
>also get 0.1 point for leaving feedback and for 
>listing a book for exchange. That's pretty much 
>I wasn't sure that I was actually going to be 
>able to find any books I wanted - but it's hit 
>some kind of critical mass now. You might not be 
>able to find any book you want - but it's likely 
>you'll be able to find something interesting.
>So far I've got rid of a shitload of old 
>paperbacks we'd never read again and received 
>four books that I would have otherwise bought 
>from Amazon - total value of received books: > 
>£60; total cost to me: about £6 in postage.
>Highly recommended if you have a book habit and 
>can bear to part with stuff you won't read 
>again. Oh, and I'm hoping to get some more 
>interesting Perl books on there :)
>Andy Armstrong,

See also:

"The Distributed Library Project - uk"

Use this system to lend, borrow, catalogue and 
review books, leaflets, music and videos you own 
that have little or no other distribution and 
metadata infrastructure.


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