bandwidth limiting

Paul pawciobiel at
Sun Sep 10 09:51:12 BST 2006

David Alban wrote:
> Thanks very much for the podcast link!
> Does anyone have a method for bandwidth-limiting itunes downloads?  I
> typically download on a linux box using wget because of its option
> <--limit-rate=...>.
> My roommate, however, does a lot of itunes downloads and has to try to
> schedule them when I won't be using the 'Net, because itunes
> downloading *hammers* our DSL connection.
> P.S.  FYI, rsync has a bandwidth limiting option, <--bwlimit=...>.
> And with yum, you can add "throttle=..." in </etc/yum.conf>.

Wouldn't be much better to use traffic control tc, HTB, ESFQ + iptables 
-j MARK on linux or BSD dummynet or PF?


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