Ideas for a talk

Bruce James bruce at
Sun Sep 10 21:41:33 BST 2006

Andy Armstrong wrote:
> On 10 Sep 2006, at 19:51, Randy J. Ray wrote:
>>> Blimey!
>> I wouldn't be too off-put by that long list.
> [snip]
> No indeed - that was a reaction to the size of the list rather than its
> severity :)
> --Andy Armstrong,

Andy & others:

This is good stuff thanks for the suggestions.

I have some ideas now so I'm off to do a bit of research. I already feel
more enthusiastic about this ;-)

Hadn't heard of Moose before though.  I'd heard of Class::Std though and
did start to look at it in January but since then I have found myself in
a procedural world so therefore little time to continue with it.

For the talk, I might go into some of the differences between Class::Std
and Moose and the advantages/disadvantages over hash objects.

I still need to find answers to some pretty basic questions of my own,
like are Class::Std et al. compatible with normal hash based classes..


What about the fieldhashes?


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