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Andy Armstrong andy at
Sun Sep 10 22:02:05 BST 2006

On 10 Sep 2006, at 21:41, Bruce James wrote:
> I still need to find answers to some pretty basic questions of my own,
> like are Class::Std et al. compatible with normal hash based classes..

In a lot of ways, yes.

An inside-out class hangs all its attributes off a blessed reference  
(of course) just like any other class so you can, for example,  
subclass a 'conventional' class as an inside out class. The  
conventional class will store its attributes in a hash (or whatever)  
and the inside-out class will use the result of calling ident() on  
that hash ref as a key into its attribute hashes.

So if you're faced with an existing set of 'conventional' classes you  
can certainly use those in the same program as inside-out classes -  
and you can subclass those classes as inside out classes.

Is that enough compatibility?

Andy Armstrong,

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