Andy Armstrong andy at
Mon Sep 11 21:53:35 BST 2006

On 11 Sep 2006, at 21:40, Peter Corlett wrote:Bzzzt. Butter and  
mushrooms are fundamental particles.
> As are black crunchy bits, which makes me wonder why scientists are  
> looking so far into space to find dark matter. I've not quite  
> worked out how to get the fourth fundamental particle, ethanol,  
> into my bacon butty though.

Speaking of black crunchy bits - weirdness of the day was this:

I was making more or less the same sandwich described above. When I  
put the eggs in the oil started to spit a bit. At roughly the same  
time a fly flew through the open kitchen door, buzzed around the pan  
a bit and was then shot down by a spit of hot oil - landed right on  
one of the eggs. I considered just lifting it off with a spoon  
thought better of it.

It was really quite freaky.

Andy Armstrong,

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