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Andrew Beattie andrew at
Thu Sep 14 07:01:47 BST 2006

> One of the first thing I'll need in London is an internet connection. What ISP do you have ? I'd like some kind of XDSL connection, let's say 2MBits download minimum, and a fixed IP. And no fuzzy usb modems, something that can work 24/7. Oh and I would like to avoid ISPs with quotas, or similar evil things.
About 5 years ago, when I did some homework on the subject, Nildram was 
the obvious choice.  I'm still happy with them.  I think the service you 
are after is Pro500 at £32/month:

If you want to do your own research, go here:

If I were to change, I would probably go to Blackcat.  I currently use 
them for DNS and they are run but a good, down-to-earth geeks.

One thing that I really like about Blackcat is that they don't hide 
behind Marketing or "Customer Service" bullshit.  When things go wrong, 
(and lets face it, no-one is immune...), they tell you what is going on 
>  How long does it take to get connected ? I would like to confirm my geekness level by being connected before buying a bed :) I don't know nothing about ISPs in London, so feel free to consider me as a newbie.
Getting connected is a nightmare.  I think it still goes like this:

First, you order a phone.  You don't want one because you use a mobile 
for everything but you've got to order a phone.

Some weeks later, an engineer comes and fits a socket.  It has a phone 

Next, you go to your ISP, tell them your phone number and order ADSL.  
They then place an order on BT to fit the ADSL stuff on your line 
(inside the exchange)

In the meantime, you connect your router and wait.

Some weeks later, ADSL flick the switch (or whatever they do)

Finaly, your ISP switches on service.  This is the first bit that they 
are in control of.  They know how frustrated you are.  They do it quickly.

Heaven help you if BT need to dig up the road, lay cable, etc.

You can go to IKEA and pick up a bed any time.  If you want to be geeky 
enough to have a net connection before a bed, then may I suggest that 
you eat some pringles and pick up someone else's WiFi in the mean time.


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