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Simon Wilcox essuu at
Thu Sep 14 08:26:02 BST 2006

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Andrew Beattie wrote:

> Getting connected is a nightmare.  I think it still goes like this:
> First, you order a phone.  You don't want one because you use a mobile
> for everything but you've got to order a phone.
> Some weeks later, an engineer comes and fits a socket.  It has a phone
> number.
> Next, you go to your ISP, tell them your phone number and order ADSL.
> They then place an order on BT to fit the ADSL stuff on your line
> (inside the exchange)
> In the meantime, you connect your router and wait.
> Some weeks later, ADSL flick the switch (or whatever they do)
> Finaly, your ISP switches on service.  This is the first bit that they
> are in control of.  They know how frustrated you are.  They do it quickly.

Unless, of course, you order BT broadband at the same time as you order
your phone when, for some inexplicable reason given that they are supposed
to be separate companies, they manage to communicate with each other well
enough that the broadband gets switched on at the same time.

Not fishy at all that, nooooo...


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