Non Sucking YAML parser

Mark Overmeer mark at
Thu Sep 14 11:40:18 BST 2006

* Dirk Koopman (djk at [060914 10:07]:
> 1. Public interfaces. Although I hate XML with a passion (especially
> when someone is being verbose and insists that you are as well), I can
> see its utility - at least for "occasional" low bandwidth usage (say
> below 5 requests/sec).

Any attempt for platform independent data-transport is a hassle,
wether it is a binary protocol (like DNS) or a textual (like XML)

One of the problems with XML is that the toolsets are usually relatively
slow, but there are good exemptions.  Thousands of messages per second
are possible --now even in Perl ;-)

> 2. Protocols.
>                                      ...... They also tend to use huge
> tagnames and don't factorise.

Both are caused by these massive tools-which-simplify-simple-things,
like BEA, where people click to create Java and web-pages.  All nicely
integrated, so everything breaks at the same time.  These Java names
are horrible (there are your huge tagnames). People develop based on
their internal needs, and the generate interfaces (WSDL), which is
a sin against software maintenance.  The interfaces should be designed
first, and then the internals must connect to that.  A lot of the
objections against XML are actually problems caused by these applications.

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