Off Topic : internet connection, ISP

dams dams at
Thu Sep 14 12:19:47 BST 2006

> I'm currently with Webtapestry who are about the cheapest provider  
> that is still clueful and doesn't have a silly bandwidth cap. If  
> money's less of a concern, Zen's service is quite sound and the 50GB/ 
> month deal for 35 quid isn't bad at all. AAISP are also quite Clued  
> and their bandwidth is of excellent quality, but have priced  
> themselves out of the domestic market.
> AAISP and Webtapestry will happily dish out reasonably large chunks  
> of IP space if required and delegate rDNS to your nameservers.

webtapestry looks good and cheap. Any reason it's cheaper than the
others? especially with no bandwidth limit

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