Non Sucking YAML parser

Andy Armstrong andy at
Thu Sep 14 14:29:12 BST 2006

On 14 Sep 2006, at 14:18, David Cantrell wrote:
> Perhaps I'm being dense, but what is the point of namespaces in  
> XML?  If
> your code comes across a document it can't deal with cos it's - say -
> describing a hospital visit instead of a book - then it's going to  
> barf.
> Code dealing with XML must know a lot about the documents anyway,  
> so all
> that extra verbiage is pointless.  Say 'title' instead of
> <hospitalvisit:patientdetails:title>Mr</crap>* and <book:title>Winnnie
> The Pooh</waffle>.

Among other things namespaces make it possible to handle the case  
where a single document uses two grammars both of which define 'title'.

Andy Armstrong,

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