Non Sucking YAML parser

Mark Overmeer mark at
Thu Sep 14 14:46:53 BST 2006

> On 14 Sep 2006, at 14:18, David Cantrell wrote:
> >Perhaps I'm being dense, but what is the point of namespaces in  
> >XML?

* Andy Armstrong (andy at [060914 13:29]:
> Among other things namespaces make it possible to handle the case  
> where a single document uses two grammars both of which define 'title'.

The saem reason for name-spaces in Perl and CPAN: avoid accidental
collissions of defined names.  If you want to be able to have multiple
developers defining names, you really need name-spaces to seperate
their function and variable names.  So if you want to re-use and
extend a set of names (by other people or future applications), at
least your type system and structural names need some name-space help.

Using name-spaces on the data is less useful.  With XML-schema's you can
define whether to use it or not on the data itself.  Using inheritance of
defined types over schema borders can cause ugly situations where some
elements and attributes are required to carry the correct name-space
and others don't... XML::Compile handles this for you... it can also
overrule the behavior in various ways.  At least: within Perl you are
not bothered with them.

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