6502 versus Z80

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Tue Sep 19 00:44:07 BST 2006

On Sep 18, 2006, at 3:12 PM, Andy Armstrong wrote:

> C'mon then - let's rumble!
> http://www.hexten.net/2006/09/18/geek-fight

> One imagines that faced with the assertion that he was using his  
> computer to send an email Graham would respond “Oh, no - you are  
> quite mistaken! I am, in fact, using an email program that is  
> running on my computer to send an email; the computer itself has no  
> inherent email-sending capability”.

Yesterday, I learned (from an MIT paper) a word that quite well sums  
up this pedant-irking figure of speech:  synecdoche.

And, incidentally, i learned to program on a Tandy Color Computer 2  
with Microsoft Color BASIC.  Fortunately, puberty got in the way of  
me holding interest in the Z80 machine language... that, and lack of  
tools on the CoCo2 itself to write such programs.  (Peek and poke are  
a little too, um, raw for that purpose.)

This naturally lead to a proliferation of code that was so complex  
that you had to put a drip pan under your computer to catch the  
pieces as the compiler melted down.
   - Pete Becker, on C++ templates

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