6502 versus Z80

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker ilmari at ilmari.org
Tue Sep 19 00:57:49 BST 2006

muppet <scott at asofyet.org> writes:

> On Sep 18, 2006, at 3:12 PM, Andy Armstrong wrote:
> And, incidentally, i learned to program on a Tandy Color Computer 2
> with Microsoft Color BASIC.  Fortunately, puberty got in the way of  me
> holding interest in the Z80 machine language... that, and lack of  tools
> on the CoCo2 itself to write such programs.  (Peek and poke are  a
> little too, um, raw for that purpose.)

Yeah, at that age (and forever after, I guess :), there are more
interesting things to peek and poke at than memory addresses :)

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