Platform Boots as Presentation Controllers Was: I want a new super-power

Greg McCarroll greg at
Tue Oct 3 07:54:31 BST 2006

On 3 Oct 2006, at 07:16, Philippe Bruhat (BooK) wrote:

> Does someone have an advice regarding this kind of item, either one on
> my list or another one I've not found yet?

(ok, i'm going to explain my train of thought first, so i don't appear
  too mad)

so seeing this reminded me of ...

	richardc's how to control a presentation from your mobile phone
	 hack/talk (which started me thinking of hacks)

	the fact you could just use a wireless mouse to do similar

	this reminded me of taking a mouse apart for my alarm clock plunger
	 and how nice the little microswitches were, and how they could
	 be used in a presentation aid

so this train (wreck?) led me to an inevitable conclusion[2]

	get an old pair of platform boots[3], take them apart and hook the
	 two button microswitches into the front and back of the boot.

basically, you could apply pressure to a front button to go forward in
the presentation, and apply pressure to a back button to go back. the
problem of course would be walking around on stage and not having your
presentation go crazy.

i _think_[1] this could be achieved by disabling presentation control if
the other button has been pressed very recently (0.5s?) so basically
you have to stand still and move pressure consciously off one switch
and onto the other to use your controller.

i know people have built switches into shoes before to control casino
computers (for roulette prediction, card counting in blackjack) but
they always had the advantage of sitting down. however look on the
bright side if you build a pair of platform boot presentation
controllers you are unlikely to get dragged out back by a pit boss
and given a good hiding for trying to 'cheat'.


[1] thinking some more you'd need to build in a short delay to also  
that the alternate button is not about to be pressed.
[2] Slade was also on the radio this morning (we're all crazy now).
[3] DM's or similar might also do.

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