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Matt S Trout dbix-class at
Thu Oct 12 19:19:27 BST 2006

Simon Cozens wrote:
> Matt S Trout:
>>> Hey, they believed it was possible to use PHP 4 "professionally".
>> And we believed Test::MockObject was stable.
> What the fuck is it with you that you take every opportunity to turn any
> discussion to insult other people's code? This wasn't about chromatic, or
> about his modules, and yet you drag this kind of crap in for no apparent
> reason. I know you're young and impetuous and so probably think you're the
> best coder there is, and need to prove that by putting everyone else down - I
> was there once too, and I can tell you, it loses you friends remarkably
> quickly.

No, I'm definitely not the best coder there is, and frankly maintaining 
something under Test::* would scare the living crap out of me - I'm if 
anything less polite about my own mistakes; a couple days back a dev I'd just 
flamed pointed out to somebody trying to defend him that if I'd made that 
stupid a mistake he knew I'd've been disappointed in him if he hadn't done the 
same to me.

Anyway, the last thing I did before reading this little love letter was to 
reply to chromatic in a more constructive manner, complete with apology and an 
offer to test any dev releases he puts out myself if I can't figure out how to 
get anybody else to do it; my last rant on here wrt dead rat perl packaging 
resulted in Nicholas discovering a bug to his bugfix which, now fixed, will 
hopefully solve *that* problem once they apply it to their perl dist.

Thanks for "impetuous" though, it's much better than "gratuitous asshole" 
which is how I'd describe my own behaviour sometimes :)

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