Gentlemen, a call to arms!

Paul Hammond mail at
Sat Oct 14 11:24:23 BST 2006

> Surely, since the concept of client based computing using commodity
> generic clients is now well established, now would be a good time to
> invent a protocol specifically for event driven apps? This rather than
> stretching the existing, totally inadequate, avowedly "pull" protocol
> (well) beyond its breaking point?
> There is, after all, no good reason why HTTP and this new protocol  
> could
> not operate in parallel - probably to good effect.
> "comet" is a kludge, please let's not perpetuate it.

Comet works in the majority of installed browsers today.

Given current browser release schedules and adoption rates, any new  
protocol would take at least 5 years to reach that point, assuming it  
makes it through the standards committees.  Some of us have slightly  
shorted deadlines than this,


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