Contracting Companies

MHP Ltd mansionhouseprojects at
Thu Oct 19 09:52:54 BST 2006

On 17/10/06, Paul Makepeace <paulm at> wrote:
> On 10/17/06, MHP Ltd <mansionhouseprojects at> wrote:
> > I piped cash through Giant years back (pre IR35) before setting up my
> > own Ltd co .. but I continue to hear good things about them!
> Who from I wonder. When they were IAS they were good, then the Giant
> move seemed to send them spiralling down, from everything I've heard.
> (I mean everything.)
> >

Not familiar with IAS, but an SA contractor pal (got root?) who
specialises in extracting large cash-sums from the banking industry
swears by Gaint : minimal hassle, relatively small charges & healthy
referral kick backs.


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