Databasen - Revisited

Jonathan Rockway jon at
Thu Oct 19 18:57:22 BST 2006

Lots of whining, not a lot of solutions.

> I believe that's what they said about MySQL 4.0 too. And Windows ME was so
> much better than 98...

Yup, everybody's stopped using Windows.  I hear Microsoft doesn't even
exist anymore.  Tainted brand and all that.

> You still can't have referential integrity and FULLTEXT indexes on the same
> table, for example, and nobody ever turns the safety checks on because it
> breaks the bazillion lines of legacy SQL written by the aforementioned crack
> weasels.

Sounds like a bug that needs to be fixed, not a fundamental tainting of
the brand.  I believe their next backend will support both, anyway.

However, many people don't NEED full referential integrity!  Ever think
of that?  (If the same blog post shows up twice, you just delete it.
Small price to pay for saving hundreds of thousands of dollars off the
cost of your database, isn't it?)  Not everything needs a perfect
solution.  Get over it.

Anyway, if this feature is important to you, why not hire someone to
build it?  Paying someone like me full time to write it is actually
cheaper than an Oracle license (but I'm willing to be "underpaid" in
exchange for working on something interesting / open source).

> MySQL is a tainted brand, plain and simple. 

Tell that to Slashdot, Livejournal, mixi, etc., etc.  It may be tainted
but it's sure making them a lot of money.  Who are you, again?

> While we're on about terrible not-quite-open source products, Movable Type
> is a right crock too. And it also has some rather quaint ideas as to what a
> database is. [Snip "I know more SQL than you do" rant].

package JAPH;use Catalyst qw/-Debug/;($;=JAPH)->config(name => do {
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