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Mon Oct 23 15:07:10 BST 2006


On Mon, Oct 23, 2006 at 01:44:15PM +0100, Bruce wrote:
> I use Cater Allen Private Bank. You need a grand (ISTR) to open it, and if 
> you've got over 5G in there they even pay interest. When I opened my 
> account they paid interest on any amount, but it changed when Abbey took 
> it over.
> As far as I remember there's no charges up to a certain number of cheques 
> a month.
> And the call-centre is in the UK and is very efficient.
> Sorry I can't be more specific.
> Maybe worth looking into though.

I use Cater Allen (reserve account), as they were recommended by my
accountant. You need 5k to open an account, and you get 30 free
transactions per month I believe. Their phone helpline is quick and
efficient, but there is no internet banking (and little chance of there
being any in the foreseeable future from what I've heard).


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