French Perl Workshop: English speakers welcome!

Philippe Bruhat BooK philippe.bruhat at
Wed Oct 25 09:08:48 BST 2006

[This has been sent to the conferences at mailing-list,
and already got us one speaker. I'm now targetting a larger audience,
sorry for the double post.]


The French Perl Mongers are finaly doing a French Perl Workshop this year.
It's going to be held in Paris, at La Cité des Sciences on Saturday
November 25 and Sunday November 26.

See for details. All the talks
are in French. But read on.

We have some slots left, and we thought that it would be nice to have
a few talks in English as well.

Here's a proposal: 
* take a week-end to come to Paris on November 25/26
* have a nice touristic trip in the city on Friday evening and Saturday
* meet the French Perl Mongers crowd on Saturday night
  (meeting place to be defined)
* come and make a presentation (in English) on Sunday morning at the
  French Perl Workshop (all the talks in English will be grouped
  in the same room on Sunday morning)

The web site uses Act, so many of you probably have a login left from
YAPC Europe 2005, 2003 or one of the recent Perl workshops. If you
have any trouble with the site, don't hesitate to contact me or Eric Cholet
(eric at

    Hope to see you there,

 Philippe "BooK" Bruhat

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