What a shame... [Wasn't:What shame?]

Paul pawciobiel at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 23:38:44 BST 2006

Pedro Figueiredo wrote:
> gosh, that's almost every computer in the world! anyway, i'll gladly 
> take on a contract to enable the viewing of windows media in those 
> computers. of course, if you can't do it yourselves you prolly should 
> just switch to windows.

Enabling viewing of windows media is not the case and I know that.
But you are still missing the point, aren't you?
Will M$ support it on non Windows as well?

> furthermore, from a business point of view, windows media is the
> cheapest to serve (quality/bandwidth),

I'm glad that the best won.

 >> I don't know much about it so hope you don't mind me asking,
 >> video.google and youtube is based the same technology?
 > no, and their quality doesn't come even close, as anyone but a blind
 > person can verify. not to mention their own business decisions

Sounds like you could had some impact in that case.

 > and the fact that i don't pay a google license or a youtube license.

And that's bizarre, isn't it? Have some and not have to pay for that...
No, it's definitely not M$ product.

"monopolist" like stick together
I guess


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