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Wed Oct 25 12:41:30 BST 2006

David Cantrell wrote:
> I find more useful than google maps for seeing where
> something is and what's near it as it has OS maps.  Google maps is only
> really useful for route finding and making queries like "pubs near WC1A
> 2BA".

Blimey. I didn't realise Google Maps did that. Mind you, I don't think
that'll replace my by-now-ingrained use of

"<ctrl><ctrl>beer w1t 1rr<cr>"

(call up Quicksilver, have it furtle through Firefox's bookmarks, and
use the one one with search keyword "beer" to search by postcode)

A list of 20 local pubs in 15 keystrokes - now who says that computers
don't make you more productive, eh?  ;-)

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