Tesco Sport for Schools vouchers

Andy Wardley abw at wardley.org
Thu Nov 2 11:37:21 GMT 2006

Minty wrote:
 > Try a different/smaller group as they have decentralised admins.

I couldn't even get as far as reading the group.

First, Yahoo have suspended my account. No explanation why. In fact, there was
no explanation at all until I drilled down through 73 different screens and
validation processes. Maybe it's because of a "long period of inactivity", one
of the possible reasons they give.

Then a 10 minute fiasco trying to find another username to register. All the
obvious ones that I might remember are taken, at least three of which are
already registered to me as now-dead accounts that I can no longer use. Every
combination of "yahoo/sucks/blows/goats" is unavailable, as is 'abw' with any
combination of numbers I can think of.

Are they deliberately messing me about? It sure looks like they've enabled the
"make it as hard as possible until he gives up" switch for me.

Finally, I settled on xxxxxxxxxyxxxxxxyxyxyxxxxy at yahoo.com. Or something like
that. I forget what it was now. Anyway, I couldn't even read the group until a
moderator had approved me to join. But how so I know if I want to join if I
can't even read it to see what the group is about? And in this day of instant
gratification, why should I have to write a begging letter explaining why I
think I should be allowed to join and then wait for a human to make up his/her

Ho hum. Now I remember why I'm so inactive on Yahoo...

It's such a shame that people have come to rely on proprietary message boards.
It's the thin edge of the privatisation-of-the-internet wedge.

Death of USENET predicted, film at 11!  Oops, too late.


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