Freecycle/Geekcycle/LETS (was Re: Tesco Sport for Schools vouchers)

Aaron Trevena aaron.trevena at
Thu Nov 2 15:07:41 GMT 2006

On 02/11/06, Nick Woolley <nickwoolley at> wrote:
> FYI: Someone posted a link to this on my local Freecycle:
> That was a while ago, and looks like it's not made any progress since
> then.  (It looks like someone's portfolio project that has stalled.)
> On a related point, I'd always been curious about LETS and it does seem
> to be an idea begging to be web-based like Freecycle.  This site seems
> to have a website for LETS too (but which seems broken):
> Unfortunately, having done a bit of research in the past I've the
> impression most LETS groups are dwindling to nearly nothing.

'will do a small job for beer or gadget' seems common enough on many
geek lists, which is almost LETS.

There isn't any reason the bundle of stuff couldn't be used for LETS
instead of or as well as Freecycle.

A couple of suggestions on irc are to 'mash-up' (I hate that term)
with google/yahoo maps api, filter by what you care/don't care about,
and track new/taken items on a page.


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