Freecycle/Geekcycle/LETS (was Re: Tesco Sport for Schools vouchers)

Paul Makepeace paulm at
Thu Nov 2 15:35:34 GMT 2006

On 11/2/06, Nick Woolley <nickwoolley at> wrote:
> Unfortunately, having done a bit of research in the past I've the
> impression most LETS groups are dwindling to nearly nothing.

There's too much admin without computers getting involved so it often
doesn't hit critical mass. Or people feel the need to put a load of
structure and administrative overhead in when it's inherently an
extremely lightweight process.

Those are the more common causes of problems that the LETS trust sees.

> PaulM: I remember you mentioning OpenMoney here a very long time ago.
> Is that project still alive?

Yeah, it's chuntering along picking up devs, dropping them again,
occasional interest from investors but nothing concrete or

Last year I paid a guy to design a site and I have all the "assets"
(html, templates, gfx, etc) here just didn't have time to do anything
with it. Paypay-type of clone but with multicurrency LETS. Be an
interesting catalyst project if anyone wanted to take it on...

> Send instant messages to your online friends

I can't wait! :)


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