Javaspaces and perl

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Tue Nov 7 13:29:54 GMT 2006

On 07/11/06, alex at <alex at> wrote:
> No, I haven't mistaken this list for London.class :-)
> I've been googling and search.cpan but to no avail.
> I am interested in using javaspaces (aka Jini) to distribute a loosely
> coupled system across loads of machines. The basic idea is that I have
> several machines put tasks into the space and have several machines read
> out those tasks, do them, and put the results back into the space - or
> maybe a database, or maybe generate more tasks.

What's the advantage of using JNI over xml/rpc?

It sounds interesting, and there was a google SoC project last year on
running Java from perl in a nicer way than Java::Inline, and I'd
really love to have the ability to call Java RMI from perl without
having to use a java compiler/vm, all it's classes, and all the hassle
that entails.



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