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Thu Nov 9 13:25:40 GMT 2006

On Thu Nov  9 11:38:59 2006, Leon Brocard wrote:
> Could anybody help Johan out? If so, please email him directly at
> jvromans at
> Leon
> ps, yes I am very busy ;-0
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> From: Johan Vromans <jvromans at>
> Date: Nov 9, 2006 9:04 AM
> Subject: Hi from Amsterdam + translation question
> To: Leon Brocard <leon at>
> Hi Leon,
> I've written a nice dutch bookkeeping application, and now there seems
> to be interest from abroad. Although the software is in dutch, it is
> completely gettext prepared, so it is technically easy to provide
> translations. See (dutch only...) for an
> impression of the application.
> There is, however, a bug (or major oversight) in gettext: it *ALWAYS*
> considers the english version to be the reference language. It is a
> pain for me to maintain dutch as a reference language, so I need a
> decent english translation first before I can get other people to work
> on their languages. Besides, they also don't speak dutch but they do
> speak english.
> My question is not whether you can provide the english translation, I
> know you're very busy. My question is if you would be so kind to
> forward this to to see if anyone on the list would be
> willing to help me with the translation.


ik spreek nederlands (ik woon in Groningen). i am also a native english speaker and would be happy to help out. i have a passing knowledge of accounting but am not an accountant or bookkeeper.



> A rough translation is available, but needs screening and correcting.
> Most important: the terms used in the translation need to match the
> english bookkeeping vocabulary, which is completely unknown to me.
> So, if anyone has a more than basic knowledge of bookkeeping and a
> couple of hours to spend, please drop me a line.
> Thanks a lot!
> -- Johan
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