London via the Scenic Route (was Re: Dim Sum?)

Randy J. Ray rjray at
Mon Nov 13 19:44:29 GMT 2006

Jonathan Stowe wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-11-13 at 08:46 -0700, Randy J. Ray wrote:
>> I may yet make it to London
> 'ang on. I thought you were already coming to London, like, six months
> ago?

Oh goodness no. If I had, I'd have been at pub-socials and what-not the whole
time (probably would have made it to YAPC::EU, as well). No, I am still in the
states trying desperately to figure out whether I get to move over there, or
end up going back to California. I had, in fact, pretty much accepted that I
was bound for California, until a drink-and-chat with someone who was in town
for the Web 2.0 conference set up the current situation. I don't want to say
too much about the job, company, etc., just yet, for fear of jinxing everything.

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