Combination of skills - was [JOB] Perl & VB person, central London

Andy Armstrong andy at
Mon Nov 20 13:41:20 GMT 2006

On 20 Nov 2006, at 13:19, Ovid wrote:
> It's more powerful than folks realize, I think.  I forgot to mention
> that I once used VBA to build a mainframe test region (I'm possibly  
> the
> only guy on the planet to have been so stupid).  It was lots of screen
> scraping of a terminal emulator, but I got a month's worth of work  
> done
> in just a few hours.  Surprised the hell out of my coworkers and they
> started looking into VBA as a result (I should kill myself for that --
> but VBA is a damned sight better than the COBOL we were programming
> in).

Well it's Turing complete so theoretically you could write anything  
in it if forced to at gunpoint :)

Andy Armstrong,

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