Snap quiz: desk stuff john_oshea at
Tue Nov 21 14:35:42 GMT 2006

Earle Martin wrote:
> What's on your desk right now, monitor/keyboard/mouse/laptop excluded?
> I have: glass of water, mug of coffee, pair of glasses, mobile phone,
> notebook and pen.


Palm T3 in cradle, mobile phone, iPod, wallet, squeezable rubber fish,
1L nalgene water bottle (quarter full), espresso cup (empty), tea mug
(also empty), tube of Berocca, 2 x Marvel Top Trumps cards[*], crossover
ethernet cable, 5cm stack of various printouts, JavaScript "Rhino" book,
2 x notebooks, 2 pencils, 2 pens, small "Beaker" soft toy. Yes, him out
of the Muppets. It's meant to be me, apparently, even though I don't
have ginger hair, Marty Feldman-style eyes *or* a lab coat on. Nor do I
"meep" that I'm aware of. Still trying to figure that one out...

Yeah, it looks like a bomb-site, and I have approx this -> <- much free
desk space.

[*] Iron Man & Spiderman. Quite how Spiderman gets a 7 for intelligence
where Tony Stark only gets a 6, I really don't know.

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