Snap quiz: desk stuff

Denny at
Tue Nov 21 15:34:56 GMT 2006

On Tue, 2006-11-21 at 14:12 +0000, Earle Martin wrote:
> What's on your desk right now, monitor/keyboard/mouse/laptop excluded?

'Humourous' sign.  Two boxes of my business cards.  PC speakers.  Phone.
Headphones.  Lollipop.  Business cards of graphic design company we use.
Post-it notes.  Three biros and a pencil.  Sunglasses.  Notepad.  Random
bits of paper the project manager keeps giving me because she doesn't
use Bugzilla properly.  A toy cat, who has 'caught' a spare computer
mouse.  Black electrical tape.  Two AA batteries.  My computer, which
for some reason isn't on the floor where any normal person would keep
it.  Spare contact lenses.  Lip salve.  Wallet.  2GB of Kingston RAM in
sealed packets.  Business card of the (useless) agency I rent my flat
through.  Jar of Marmite.  Box of Weetabix.  Pack of Cherry Drops.  A
fresh cherry slice.  Print-out of 5000+ antique dealers with possible
duplicates marked in fluorescent pen, because our last temp apparently
couldn't use Excel.  SEO report.  About a hundred spare napkins that
have come with my morning sandwiches since I started working here.
Jiffy bag containing custom jewellery that I have to send back because
the guy completely ignored the specifications we agreed on when he made
it.  Phone/USB cable.  Book on Perl Testing.  Some random stuff that the
last guy to use this desk left behind when he was sacked.

My flat is similarly encumbered with junk on every flat surface.


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