Snap quiz: desk stuff

Sue Spence virtualsue at
Tue Nov 21 15:36:42 GMT 2006

Earle Martin wrote:
> 14:05 <@hex> Actually, this would make a good list post. Forgive me,
> you may see it again in a
>             moment.
> 14:06 <@lathos> Yay, a meaningless cascade!
> Absolutely.
> What's on your desk right now, monitor/keyboard/mouse/laptop excluded?
> I have: glass of water, mug of coffee, pair of glasses, mobile phone,
> notebook and pen.

2 Treo 650s
cricket ball from Lord's
magic 8 ball ('you may rely on it')
1960s era plastic female figure from a long-gone doll house
plush camel sitting on top of a stack of smallish plastic boxes
perl 5 pocket ref
google pen
shopzilla notepad
ethernet hub
IP phone
usb hub
network storage thing (nslu2) and a 300 Mb hard drive

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