Snap quiz: desk stuff

Billy Abbott billy at
Tue Nov 21 18:53:48 GMT 2006

On Tue, 21 Nov 2006, Earle Martin wrote:

> What's on your desk right now, monitor/keyboard/mouse/laptop excluded?

Random departmental usb dvd writer
Stack of random magazines notepads and paper x2
Selection of mugs used as desk "tidy"s
Selection of goodies from recruitment fairs, mainly squidgy or fluid 
holding. Not both though, that would be bad.
Good Beer Guides 2005-7
Big Java book (hidden behind things)
M&S Christmas mini-muffins (tasty)
Random wooden block puzzle thing now used as a mobile phone stand as I can 
solve it quite literally with my eyes closed
Bottle of Neame Christmas ale (undetermined vintage. Quite scary
Coffee making equipment and coffee to go in said equipment
Mini Jenga set
A fingerless glove (whiteboard rubber)
Beechams Flu Plus

And more things.

Gratuitous picture:

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