Snap quiz: desk stuff

Peter Corlett abuse at
Tue Nov 21 22:51:58 GMT 2006

On 21 Nov 2006, at 21:29, Neil de Carteret wrote:
> On 21/11/06, Peter Corlett <abuse at> wrote:
>> For amusement, try to guess what the hell my job is from that lot.
> Time-traveling gastronaut.

Close. I mainly sit in the corner mumbling obscenities while using  
Perl to apply fresh layers of gaffer tape over Movable Type in order  
to intimidate it into doing some of the rather strange things that  
the other staff want. I'm also quite attached to my pub lunches,  
hence the GBG and Zagat.

After a morning of Movable Type, you'd want a three-pint lunch too.

> Got vacancies?

Yes, actually, but editorial rather than IT jobs.

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