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Merijn Broeren merijnb at
Wed Nov 22 10:14:57 GMT 2006

Quoting Billy Abbott (billy at
> On Wed, 22 Nov 2006, Jonathan Stowe wrote:
> >On Tue, 2006-11-21 at 18:53 +0000, Billy Abbott wrote:
> >
> >>Bottle of Neame Christmas ale
> >
> >yeah, fuck the poncy tea and the fuck the faux urbanite coffee - this is
> >most definitely the way to go.  I have two bottles of the 2006 vintage
> >at home which I will soon be tucking in to I'm sure :-)
> >
> >Damn fine ale.
> This is a bottle of 2001 as presented to me by a non-ale drinking 
> coworker. I'm slightly scared of it but I assume it will disappear on the 
> closest working day to Christmas eve, like normal...

My new group is now responsible for more then just Perl, folding Pythin,
Ruby, R and maybe Lua and Erlang in. We have to come up with a new name for
the team. Scripting is right out, Dynamic just sounds naff, so it is a
toss up between Advanced Languages Engineering and Adaptive Languages

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