Snap quizz: tea

Luis Motta Campos luismottacampos at
Wed Nov 22 15:05:13 GMT 2006

Pedro Figueiredo wrote:
> you're hanging out with the wrong crowd (i know, i worked there). the
> easiest one i can think of is to the right of brasileira, in chiado. in
> rua de s. paulo (behind cais do sodre') there must be dozens. also in
> bairro alto, but that's for the modern posh chicks to go on saturday
> mornings and pretend they are classy => expensive.

  The only place I can find some loose tea here is at "El Corte Inglés",
a spanish supermarket chain that have some shops here.

  Of course I hadn't expended all that time looking for good places to
buy tea... maybe I'll give it a try again this winter. Thanks for the
tips, pfig.

> oh, yeah, i forgot to mention the supermarkets :) they all have them on
> a scale that's comparable to the uk, so i really don't know what kind of
> leaves you're trying to buy :) (those would be in martim moniz).

  This kind of leaves are plenty of other strange polluents here.
  I normally don't like the smell, and with those "additives" it gets
even worse. I can smell them a mile away.

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