Snap quiz: desk stuff

Dave Cross dave at
Thu Nov 23 10:51:11 GMT 2006

Quoting Peter Hickman <peter.hickman at>:

> When I worked at Del Monte in Feltham (and then Staines) I used to go
> to lunch at the earliest opportunity and wait there, whilst having a
> few pints, until the head of department turned up. Pints were exchanged
> and I would finally return to work two and a half hours later in the
> company of the head of department completely pissed and fall asleep at
> my desk. Got away with it for 3 years :)

When did pubs start opening all afternoon? I definitely remember being  
thrown out of pubs at 2:30 or 3:00 and being forced to go back to work.

But I also remember a company where my team leader would occasionally  
insist that we all stayed in the pub all afternoon - well, until we  
all got written warnings for it.



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