Snap quiz: desk stuff

Andy Armstrong andy at
Thu Nov 23 13:01:39 GMT 2006

On 23 Nov 2006, at 11:56, Nicholas Clark wrote:
>> I got a mail the other night from someone who's still using an Acorn
>> A3000 with the SCSI board I designed for it sometime in the early
>> nineties. I claimed to be delighted but actually I was just wondering
>> why. My fingers wanted to type 'get a proper computer, fool'.
> If it still works and still does the job, and the job hasn't  
> changed, why
> spend money and consume time changing?

The guy was trying to browse the web using a browser that hasn't been  
updated for ~8 years on a computer with 4Mb of RAM. Brave or foolish:  
you decide :)

Andy Armstrong,

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