parsing email

Sam Smith S at
Thu Nov 23 18:22:10 GMT 2006

hey all,

I have a script which will take inbound email, and do stuff
to it. The email wont be in any form of structured format,
other than what you'd find in an average mailbox (like
your folder but potentially written by
people with less technical clue)

Given people here wrote half the Mail:: modules, is there a
nice overview module which exists which parses common random
varieties of mail.

Something which you give a set of lines, and it gives you
back something which has the important lines from the header
as well as the text only content (with optional other

I can't be the first person to need this... Anyone?

A look on CPAN shows a lot of modules which do little bits,
but I didn't find the right incantation to find the actual
overview module...

All suggestions welcomed.


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