Snap quiz: desk stuff

Andy Armstrong andy at
Thu Nov 23 21:51:32 GMT 2006

On 23 Nov 2006, at 20:16, David Cantrell wrote:
> 4M is *lots*.  Unless you're using badly written bloatware.   
> There's no
> reason you can't fit a basic browser into just a few K, and a  
> networking
> stack doesn't need more than a few K either.
> FFS, I could fit a basic browser, with nyetwork stack, in 64K if I
> tried.

Dude - I know - I wrote a TCP/IP stack for Acorn machines that fit in  
a 64K EPROM on a network card. I think the firmware I wrote for the  
SCSI card he was asking about was in < 8k.

So I'm not advocating either bloatware or ditching old machines -  
just amazed / impressed at the fact that he was so intent on surfing  
the net on such an old machine.

Andy Armstrong,

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