The first UN-MEETING of the Networking Club

Gordon Joly gordon.joly at
Wed Nov 29 09:33:08 GMT 2006

We will be having the first *un-meeting* of the Networking Club on 
Saturday 9th December 2006.

Some of use will be on the North London Line, some of us at the Pig's 
Ear Beer Festival.

Some of us will be at BBC Backstage Christmas Bash. Some of us will 
be on the waiting list for that august event.... and some will be 
Jiving Miss Daisy!

It is just possible that you will attend all of these events, but 
that will require some planning.

If we run into each other on the day, I look forward to wishing you 
the seasons greetings, which, at the moment is still late Summer or 
early Fall, judging by the weather....


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