Use of unitialised gubbins c/w Brainbench

Stray Taoist mwk at
Thu Dec 7 13:31:42 GMT 2006

Hey, scenesters. How goes it?

Two questions. Or, for those who remember vinyl, and spotted the topic, one
question and a b-side.

OK, this came up recently, or I was asked, so I thought I would posit it to
you lot.

Imagine someone had a big, mad sprintf, with loads of variables. You know,

my $compound = sprintf "%s-%s.%s %etcetc", $foo, $bar, $baz, @etc;

This is buried in a sub that is called via a sub that is buried in a sub that
is called and so on. And it all passes everything along. *sigh* I know.

My (A side) question is this (see, I got to it eventually)

If it gives a 'use of uninitialised variable' warning, is there anyway
(without lots of debugging warns) for me to change the output of the warning
to say 'Variable 'foo' was uninitialised at line blah'?

My mind seems to think such a thing is possible, and has seen this done
before, but my mind also plays tricks on me.

As for the (B side) question, has anyone taken a brainbench test recently?
Has it improved since way-back-when when I last took it, which might have
been four odd years ago or so.

Normality has resumed. Anything you still can't deal with is your own

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