anti-spam checks for web content

Andrew Beattie andrew at
Thu Dec 21 18:50:20 GMT 2006

> So, he is looking to scan the content and if it includes
> copy or links related to know spammers/scammers he will
> be told before he hosts it.

RBL's might help.

Check addresses here:

If they are advertising an address that is RBL's then you may be suspicious.

But I would expect the problem might be the other way...

 - Spammer takes out advert on your site, then sends email spam pointing 
to it.

Some RBL folk keep an eye out for that sort of thing.  You might find 
one or more of them that would be willing to give you prompt notice that 
there is spam with your address on it.  In return they will want you to 
bring it down first and ask questions second.


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