[JOB] Perl developer (front-end web devel) (London) from 34k

Simon Cozens simon at simon-cozens.org
Sun Dec 24 14:00:56 GMT 2006

Luis Motta Campos:
>   My experience about this is from far, far away: this happens the same
> way in Brazil, and also in Portugal (as I learned throught this year). I
> believe that the main reasons about this is that HR people just don't
> have a single clue about what is default assumptions about a
> professional's skills and what is not.

I don't think it's entirely fair to blame HR. HR will probably ask the team
what they use, and the team, being made up of programmers, will reply in
overspecified and excruciating detail. So HR will try and find people who can
do what the team uses, which basically what HR is for. 

It is not HR's job to know which Perl libraries are essential knowledge and
which can be picked up in a few hours; I think you'd probably agree that if HR
all started learning lots of Perl, they'd be very, very dangerous. Instead
it's the team's responsibility to filter out the non-essentials and only
describe the essentials when specifying what they use. And we're not very good
at doing that.

I forgot that I was *that* smart!
    -- Ilya Zakharevich

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