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Luis Motta Campos luismottacampos at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 24 00:04:12 GMT 2006

Jonathan Stowe wrote:
> I'm curious about this as I have been seeing it quite a lot recently,
> and mostly I might add with similar perl-for-the-web sort of stuff. I
> can understanding looking for a familiarity with a particular
> application domain or an important underpinning technology, but I'm not
> getting the requirement for particular libraries, beyond perhaps knowing
> what they are for but that would be something I would find out in an
> interview.
> I'm genuinely curious about this, and it's not aimed at this particular
> thing and I'm fairly detached from it as these are not the kind of
> things I do. I was toying with taking this to the jobs-discuss list but
> I figured it was more a general thing about Perl culture.

  Dear Gellyfish and friends

  My experience about this is from far, far away: this happens the same
way in Brazil, and also in Portugal (as I learned throught this year). I
believe that the main reasons about this is that HR people just don't
have a single clue about what is default assumptions about a
professional's skills and what is not.

  My best guess is that this comes from the HR company: too much
specific skillset is asked to the employer as "the only way to filter
out" what they call "under-qualified professionals". The main problem is
that most of the time you're assumming you will learn some new libraries
and frameworks with "30 minutes of documentation reading", and no-one in
the HR team is willing to hire (or present as hireable) a candidate that
haven't worked with the asked technologies, because they understand that
all that are "hard-to-learn" knowledge.

  I agree with Adrian Howard, that this is a "misguided HR practices
(...) hard to break".

Luis Motta Campos
Perl Programmer, Hobbyist Cook and Photographer

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