[JOB] Perl developer (front-end web devel) (London) from 34k

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Fri Dec 29 16:11:33 GMT 2006

On 23 Dec 2006, at 13:51, Adrian Howard wrote:
> Requirements: Strong Java J2EE (JEE) / J2SE, Spring, JMS, JDBC,  
> JMX, Web Logic, Web Services, XML, ANT. Desirable: experience with  
> Spring Webflow, Cobra client applications, Unix shell scripting  
> experience.

That's pretty much why my CV turned into buzzword bingo itself. I  
recently redesigned it and tedious stuff like Java "accidentally"  
failed to be included.

Which did lead to some rabbit-in-headlight looks when I explained  
that in fact I *could* fix $LEGACY_SYSTEM because I've used the  
language it's written in and it's not nearly as hard as the workshy  
fop was making out. Ditto for its Java-based replacement.

> The misguided HR practices of trying to fill a role by a list of  
> technical areas seems to be a hard habit to break...

The best way, as is evidenced here, is to have the techies fill the  
role with their mates and then play politics to sidestep HR as much  
as possible.

On that note, I think we're looking for a junior Perl hacker, to work  
in Farringdon. The people signing off on it probably don't know it  
and HR definitely don't, but the wheels are in motion and there's  
general buy-in.

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